From Polokwane, for Polokwane

With 29 years operational experience in the international field of military, security and emergency services Pieter considers himself a highly motivated individual who will not hesitate to help someone in need. Willing to go the extra mile to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible Pieter strives to be the best he can be, accomplishing more than expected by meeting challenges with enthusiasm and hard work.

As prominent Occupational Therapist in town, Lize often has to deal with the aftermath of near drownings, burns, head injuries, abrasions and fractures.

Together, Pieter and Lize wishes to make a difference and thus P.L.K. (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2016.

P.L.K. (Pty) Ltd strives to empower the public through first aid and basic life support training, offering a range of local and internationally accredited courses. In providing high quality training P.L.K. (Pty) Ltd aims to equip the public with the skill and knowledge necessary to provide efficient first aid and basic life support until emergency services arrive on scene.

P.L.K. (Pty) Ltd provides a high standard of medical standby at sporting and social events in and around Polokwane.

P.L.K. (Pty) Ltd offers fast and efficient medical response to trauma and medical emergencies in Polokwane. Their team of dedicated and well trained basic and intermediate life support paramedics will provide immediate response, providing assistance and treatment on scene, transporting patients to hospital within the golden hour.

P.L.K. (Pty) Ltd’s courteous and professional staff is able to assist with transportation for local emergency/consultation room visits and discharges as well as to and from:

Assisted living, independent living, and retirement centers

Dialysis, radiation, and ambulatory surgical centers

Hospital transfers

Nursing homes

Physicians' offices

Specialty or rehabilitation centers and/or hospitals

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Polokwane Emergency Response Team

P.L.K Pty Ltd